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Where can I order my windows?

Call 1-877-795-5548 and ask for a quote on your windows. 

Who orders Royal-Tech windows?

Homeowners and Contractors and Builders alike can buy directly from Royal-Tech. We ship nationwide so you can enjoy our products anywhere from Alaska to South America.

What is a U Factor?

 The U Factor is probably the most important score for a window because it reflects what window company's strive to do; create heat efficient windows. The U factor is scored by measuring the amount of heat loss that occurs through the window, which is very important to people in colder climates. Most windows have U factor ratings between 0.2 and 1.3, with the numbers on the lower end of the scale being the best. For example, windows that have a U factor of 1.3 are usually old metal casement windows, while some of the most efficient thermal windows that have triple panes of Low­ E glass have U factors of 0.25. New single pane windows may be able to get a U Factor of 1.0, and a dual pane window with low E glass will usually score significantly better at around 0.4.

What is the solar heat coefficient?

This is basically like the U Factor, but instead of measuring the heat loss, it measures the amount of heat coming in through the window. This is about as important as the U Factor if you live in hotter climates. Ratings of solar heat gain coefficient range from between 0 and 1 with lower numbers being more efficient.

Should I consider the condensation resistance of windows?

If you live in humid climates, it's very important to consider this rating. Problems with condensation, however, can occur in any home that has a well insulated house with poor ventilation. The higher these scores are, the more resistant the window is to condensation.

What does visible transmittance mean?

Visible transmittance is the amount of visible light that can pass through the window. Note that this only includes visible light, so it does not affect efficiency as much as the other scores. This is mostly a personal preference on how much light you want entering your rooms, where higher scores allow more light to pass through the window.

Can I return my custom product?
If we make an error, we will correct the error (ex. mismeasure, wrong color, wrong style, etc.)
If you make the error, no. We will gladly measure for you (fee associated). If you opt out of our service and we make the product to your specifications and the product is incorrect, we assume no responsibility. There are no returns or refunds on parts, custom products or special orders.

How long is my estimate price valid?

The prices we quote are valid for 10 business days, unless noted otherwise.

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